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With 700c wheels, the Jackhammer is a performance focused stepper bicycle. Available in a high end matte black paint job.

Plus $25 S&H

Shipping rate of $25.00 applies to Continental US only
    The “Jackhammer” 3G Stepper bicycle is the a step above the “Hammer” model. This model features thinner 700c wheels that make it faster, lighter and more performance focused. This model is perfect for avid cyclists who want to switch it up and enjoy the benefits of an upright ride. Available in a high end matte black paint job, this unisex bike is a head turner. Only one color available**

    The stepper bikes are an innovative design, they blend the fun of riding a bicycle with a stepping action. This construction both eases the ride as well as gives the rider a full body workout by activating a wider range of muscles that you wouldn’t use while sitting. The stepping action comes naturally to everyone and allows for a more intuitive handling that is easy to master for any fitness level.
    FRAME: 6061 Heat-treated Aluminum
    FORK: Chromoly Steel
    HANDLE BARS: BMX Style “Clever” Bars - Fully Adjustable
    RIMS: 700c front x 24” rear
    BRAKES: Front “V” Brakes / Rear Japanese-Style Band Brakes
    STEM: Threadless 90mm
    DRIVETRAIN: Internal 8 Speed Hub
    PADDLES: 11-Ply Canadian Maple Wood Decks

    3G Bikes, top of the line city, cruiser, chopper, electric, tandem, three wheeler and rental bicycles.
    Born in Long Beach, CA
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