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The “Diablo” is our lowest price adult stepper model. Featuring a steel construction in matte black with silver badges, this stepper provides a fun workout while looking sleek.

Plus $25 S&H

Shipping rate of $25.00 applies to Continental US only
    The “Diablo” is our lowest priced adult stepper. This bicycle is a great way to step out and get a workout on the go. With a steel construction in matte black this is a very sleek looking bike. Only one color available**

    The stepper bikes are an innovative design, they blend the fun of riding a bicycle with a stepping action. This construction both eases the ride as well as gives the rider a full body workout by activating a wider range of muscles that you wouldn’t use while sitting. The stepping action comes naturally to everyone and allows for a more intuitive handling that is easy to master for any fitness level.
    FRAME: High Tensile Steel
    FORK: High Tensile Steel
    HANDLE BARS: BMX Style Bars
    RIMS: 24” front / 20” rear
    BRAKES: Front “V” Brakes / Rear Shimano Roller Brakes
    STEM: Threadless 90mm stem
    DRIVETRAIN: Shimano 7 speed
    PADDLES: 11-Ply Canadian Maple Wood Decks

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    Born in Long Beach, CA
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